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Creating Charitable Legacies
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Creating Charitable Legacies


Crewe Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity that has a mission to financially sustain and empower charitable organizations and charitable efforts by enabling donors to become more efficient and impactful in their philanthropic giving.

We help our donors accomplish their philanthropic goals by providing the following services:

  • Design & Implementation of Charitable Plans
  • Donor Advised Funds
  • Charitable Trusts and Other Charitable Giving Vehicles
  • Charitable Investment Account Oversight
  • Grants Processing
  • Compliance Oversight
  • Charitable Tax Reporting
  • Giving Resources


For nearly 200 years, the township of CREWE, England has given birth to some of the greatest craftsmen in the world. Superior methods, materials and relentless pursuit of perfection in every detail are hallmarks of CREWE. From railway manufacturing to iconic hand-crafted automobiles, including Rolls Royce and Bentley, its culture and heritage continue their influence of excellence to this day.

At CREWE Foundation we embrace the same approach and dedication to craftsmanship and integrity as the master artisans of their namesake village.  We empower donors with efficiencies of scale and proven techniques along with access to the quality of expertise, tools and innovation expected of CREWE. Our charitable platform provides a way for donors to create lasting family legacies of giving and make profound impacts where needed the most around the world.

Ready to maximize the impact of your charitable gifts?

Efficient and Impactful Giving​

Crewe Foundation helps you make the most impact with your gifts for both your family and the charities that you support. Proper planning, intentional giving, tools and grant resources are all important pieces to a successful gift and legacy. Our economies of scale, wide variety of giving platforms and experienced professional staff are there to help you craft, fund and utilize the perfect gift.


At Crewe Foundation, we allow you to make contributions when the timing is right for you, as a single gift or as multiple gifts over time. We work with your trusted investment, legal and tax professionals to ensure continuity and the very best care in the setup, funding, and management process. Once funded, you can recommend grants to qualified charities through our online donor portal. Crewe Foundation handles all of the grants processing from that point. You can plan and prioritize your charitable giving with the most flexible DAF program available.

Tax-Smart Giving

Contributions made to a Crewe Foundation DAF are tax-deductible in the year they are made, which can help lower your taxable income. Most gifts of public securities, closely-held businesses, real estate, and other appreciated assets generate fair-market value income tax deductions when donated and bypass capital gains tax when sold. All donated assets are also removed from your estate and are not taxed at death. Income tax, capital gains tax, and estate tax savings help your gift go further and make a bigger difference in the world.

Simplified Giving

Crewe Foundation simplifies the giving process by providing you with an easy-to-use, centralized, online donor portal platform to manage the donations and grants for your DAF. Our professional staff will make the setup and funding process simple, even with the most complicated gifts. We want you to focus on the fun aspects of giving and family charitable legacy.

Effective Philanthropy

At Crewe Foundation we will provide you with giving tools and connect you with our network of charitable organizations as help to get you started.  Our services include help with selecting trustworthy, responsible charitable organizations while ensuring compliance with government regulations.  We provide tools and systems to track and measure your donations and grants through our online donor portal system.

We encourage you and your family to get involved with those organizations that you would like to support, volunteer and create connections with their staff.  This can be an effective way to gain understanding of charitable organizations, their needs and how you and your family can make the biggest difference.

Perpetual Legacies

Your DAF with Crewe Foundation is meant to be a perpetual giving legacy for your family’s charitable giving.  We provide a mechanism for charitable giving that can continue beyond your lifetime for generations in the future.  Charitable Giving through a DAF can be a powerful tool to help you teach your children and loved ones the importance that philanthropy plays in the world.  The qualities and attributes that philanthropy will foster in them will prepare them to excel in life.

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