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Impactful Giving

A big part of our mission is to help you become much more impactful and efficient in your charitable giving.  We want you and your family to become connected to those charities that you support and, in turn, help you create a legacy of philanthropy.  There are many ways to sustain the charities that are meaningful to you, including efficient financial support, “boots on the ground” service, and fostering awareness.  When combined, these actions  can make a lasting impact on both the supported charities and you and your loved ones alike.  Here are some suggestions as you get started:

Efficient Gifting

Work with one of our foundation specialists and your trusted legal and financial professionals to determine and use the best strategies and assets to accomplish your philanthropic goals.  Appreciated assets such as real estate, public and closely-held stock and other appreciated assets carry a triple tax deduction equivalent.  They provide fair-market value income tax deductions, bypass capital gains tax when sold, and bypass all estate taxes.  These deductions can greatly increase your giving. 

Crewe Foundation specialists work to build great advantages and strategies that can maximize the tax and financial benefits of your gift, all while leaving more in your DAF to help your supported charities.   Upon request, our detailed analysis and illustrations outlining the various planned gifts that can best help you accomplish your goals will allow you to make an informed decision and help you make the most beneficial and efficient gift.

Boots on the Ground

Many of the charities that you will choose to support are in need of service hours as well as financial support.  In our experience, we have found no better teaching tool for families than to become involved in an ongoing way with those charitable organizations that you support.  Get to know the people, the operations, and how you can help accomplish their mission.  Not only will it help you in your grant making decisions moving forward, it will also open the eyes of your children and loved ones, creating lasting relationships and legacies of giving.

Fostering Awareness 

Most charities don’t have the financial resources or staff to properly publicize how they are making a difference in the world and what their needs may be.  As you support charitable organizations, don’t forget to talk about them with your friends, families and colleagues. Great good comes from raising awareness of effective charitable organizations and charitable causes.  Our Charities section highlights many great organizations that the Crewe Foundation and its donors support annually.  You can help increase the effectiveness and longevity of your favorite charities by learning and sharing their successes and needs to others.

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